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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Intergalactic Lucha Libre League - A new Project for 2016

A new project takes the stage!

What happened to “Playing Hero World”? Did we give up? We did release last year two supplements for Icons. A sheet collection and Mini-Adventure to be more precise.
We wanted to keep supporting the Icons line, however we wanted to expand the super hero genre for tabletop gaming as well. We wanted something that would be flashy, exciting and unique.
The more we saw 2015's development, Icons and Bulletproof Blues got more and more support. The Super Villain Handbook was a head turner and a new page for the stagnated (Stagnated doesn't necessarily means 'bad' here - Plenty of high quality third party releases in 2015) genre.

But it’s still excellence through the regular channels. It’s still the same genre and tone, as evidenced by just how many systems the handbook supports .
Well, we too decided to step up our plate. We wish to support Super Hero RPGs too, but by expanding the possibilities instead of deeply polishing and threading familiar ground.

We choose to mash up genres for 2016. Super powers, “good vs. evil”, goofy name, colorful characters, a space setting but with a major twist. The heroes are Super Wrestlers, fighting through pain, as well permanent and weird injuries, getting pumped up from the audience and executing finishers and signature maneuvers fueled by their powers.
The game is about building and thriving a super wrestler career as the playing group forms a Stable to challenge the “Solar System Title”, where they must acquire the World Heavyweight Championship from 9 different planets so they can challenge for the honor of becoming an immortal.
The tone of the game will be based off M.U.S.C.L.E. or "Ultimate Muscle" or even "Kinnikuman" (Three names for the same series!) as in a mix of weirdness, comedy, flashiness and hot blooded action.
We also are aiming to feature different modes of play. From GMless campaigns to a “Sports Adventure” mode where the rings are replaced with dungeons, we wish to provide a very unique Super Hero experience in 2016. Watch this space. We will deliver more info monthly.

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